Orv (orv) wrote,

Car stuff!

Today I replaced the rear sway bar* end links on the Mercedes. These are well-known among Mercedes owners for making a distinctive and really irritating rattle going over bumps when they get play in them, and these had a lot of play. The right one was, I think, original to the car; the left one was a replacement. Why someone chose to only replace one, I don't know; they're only $10 each and about the easiest part to replace on the whole car. Just another one of those puzzles.

Tire wear is much improved since I replaced the rear subframe mount. The rear tires are no longer wearing rapidly on the inner edges. The previous owner had warned me this car "ate rear tires" and, looking at his receipts, he replaced them repeatedly; apparently none of the tire shops ever wondered why the rear alignment was so out of whack, or thought to notice the bent mount throwing everything out of line.

I also finally fixed the windshield washers, which had been an irritation for a while. The check valve had disintegrated and the pieces had clogged the nozzles. New nozzles were cheap enough that the most sensible thing was just to replace both of them and the check valve, together.

* For any Brits reading: "anti-roll bar"
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