Orv (orv) wrote,

Pronouns and Passwords

I recently wrote a couple of TinyMUSH patches, and I thought they might be of interest to other people.

Backstory: I run a small TinyMUSH world, as an online place for friends of myself and my wife to hang out. It has a rather long history, originally having started as a TinyMUX 1.6 world in 1998, and it's moved around to various Linux and FreeBSD hosts over the years. Because of TinyMUSH's simplistic use of the crypt() function, the result was a database with three different password hash formats in it. I'd patched TinyMUX to cope with that, and when we recently upgraded to TinyMUSH 3.2, I had to write a new patch.

I also wanted the ability to set custom pronouns. Some of my friends get creative with pronouns for non-binary genders, and unlike MUCKs, MUSHes have only a few hard-coded gender pronoun options. The patch I wrote allows using custom ones just by setting attributes on your character.

The patch is written against TinyMUSH 3.2. I don't think the code I modified has changed much in a while, so it may apply cleanly against other versions, too. I also wrote up a quick description of how to configure custom pronouns; I suggest putting it in the news.txt file, e.g. as "news pronouns".

EDIT: That patch had a nasty memory leak. Guess my C programming is rustier than I thought. I've replaced it with a version that hopefully WON'T crash your server.
Tags: hashes, mush, passwords, programming, tinymush, tinymux
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